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730 Park Avenue

Southwest corner at 71st Street

730 Park Avenue

By Carter B. Horsley

Erected in 1929, this elegant 20-story apartment building was converted to a cooperative in 1945 and contains 40 apartments.

It was designed by F. Burrall Hoffman Jr. and Lafayette A. Goldstone in a Jacobean Renaissance style.

Sidestreet entrance of 730 Park Avenue


The red-brick building’s entrance is on the quiet and lovely sidestreet and the building has a very tall chimney and attractive and unusual facade ornamentation including a large ram’s head at the Park Avenue corner.

The building is on part of the former site of the Presbyterian Hospital. Although the handsome building is dwarfed a bit in grandeur by its immediate neighbors to the south and north, 720 and 740 Park Avenue, two of the avenue’s most majestic buildings, its residents have included major publishers and Edna Ferber, the author of "Giant."

Facade detail

This building is located in one of the most desirable areas of Park Avenue and is convenient to many famous boutiques and art galleries on Madison Avenue. It is also close to the Asia Society on Park Avenue at 70th Street and the Frick Collection on Fifth Avenue at 70th Street.

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