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785 Park Avenue

Northeast corner at 73rd Street

785 Park Avenue

785 Park Avenue is the red-brick building at the right

By Carter B. Horsley

This attractive, 19-story, red-brick building was designed by George F. Pelham Jr., for Sam Minskoff & Sons. Pelham also was the architect of 1130 and 1150 Park Avenue.

Sam Minskoff began his career as a plumber in 1908 and built a variety of projects throughout the city and in Westchester County. One of the firm's major projects was the apartment building at 480 Park Avenue that was completed in 1929. The Minskoffs, however, are best known as one of the seven legendary families of office builders that reshaped the Manhattan skyline in the generation after World War II.

Completed in 1940, this building has 85 cooperative apartments.

The doorman building has a one-story limestone base, an attractive lobby, consistent fenestration, and some terraces.


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