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969 Park Avenue

Northeast corner at 82nd Street

969 Park Avenue

969 Park Avenue

By Carter B. Horsley

Impressive in its girth that is nicely modulated by numerous stringcourses, this Italian Renaissance-palazzo-style apartment building was erected in 1921 and converted to a condominium in 1958.

The 12-story building has 71 apartments.

It was designed by Pickering & Walker and remodeled in 1941 by Emery Roth.

The building, which has a light-yellow brick facade above a one-story granite base with granite window reveals, has a nicely rusticated, one-and-half-story limestone entrance that steps up into the lobby. The entrance is flanked by lanterns and the building, which has no sidewalk landscaping, has a large, attractive cornice.

The building has a doorman, but no garage. It is close to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue and there are several schools and religious institutions in the area. There is good cross-town bus service on 79th Street.


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