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Millenium Tower

101 West 67th Street

Millenium Tower

Millennium Tower has its entrance at 101 West 67th Street

By Carter B. Horsley

The dominant building of the north end of the Lincoln Center district because of its height, this is one of the city's major mixed-use towers.

The base of the 46-story building contains a large cineplex on Broadway. The tower rises from the Columbus Avenue side of the full-block site.

Broadway base

Building's base on Broadway has large cineplex

The asymmetrical slab tower, which was designed by Schuman, Lichtenstein, Claman & Efron, is distinguished by its unusual east fašade, part of which projects out a few feet and has a different fašade treatment. The "collage" section is considerably more attractive than the rest of the tower, which is clad in a gnarly red brick that provides some texture, but which, unfortunately, is not terribly attractive. The collage section is more high-tech with light-colored metal and glass. The bulge effect was used by Kohn Pedersen Fox, associate architects on the project, on a planned office tower at Seventh Avenue and 50th Street at Rockefeller Center. While adding visual interest, here it only highlights the poor selection of brick on the rest of the tower.

The tower itself, however, is admirably proportioned in distinct contrast with most of the other apartment towers in the area.

This major building, which is known as the Park Millenium and is located at 111 West 67th Street, was developed in 1994 by Millenium Partners, which is headed by Philip E. Aarons, Christopher M. Jeffries and Philip H. Lovett.

The building, which has no balconies, appears larger than 46 stories because the commercial base is quite tall. The lowest residential floor is known as the 20th floor and the top floor is known as the 56th floor.

111 West 67th Street

111 West 67th Street

The lowest six residential floors were sold to J. P. Morgan for corporate use and several floors were designated as rentals. There is a total of 303 apartments in the building, many of which are condominiums.

If the bulge fašade treatment had been applied to the entire building, this would have been one of the city's most stunning modern towers.

Despite the area's hubbub, this tower offers great views and a great location surrounding by major retail and the convenience of Lincoln Center.


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