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The Nevada

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The Nevada

The Nevada

By Carter B. Horsley

This 30-story apartment tower with 270 condominium units is distinguished by its odd shape. Rather than have its northern side come to a point like the famous Flatiron Building on 23rd Street, it is bent inwards towards the south to create a small, angular plaza, which has its own irregularly shaped low-rise retail structure.



Designed by Philip Birnbaum and completed in 1977, the building's architecture is conventional and low-key, if not downright minimal. Fortunately, its brick fašade is dark brown rather than the glazed white brick that was popular (and very disastrous since it often tended to break apart, or spall, in the city's freeze/thaw cycles).

The site at 69th Street was formerly occupied by an apartment building of the same name and before that by the Bloomingdale Reformed Dutch Church.


Side view of the Nevada

The Nevada was developed by H. J. Shapiro, who at one time became one of the city's most active residential developers but who later encountered severe financial difficulties.

Given the prominence of its location at the intersection of two avenues, it is unfortunate that this drab structure was not more exciting or interesting.

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