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The White House

262 Central Park West

Northwest corner at 86th Street

The White House seen from the northeast

The White House seen from the northeast

By Carter B. Horsley

This large and handsome apartment house was erected in 1929 and converted to a cooperative in 1960.

It was designed by Sugarman & Berger, who also designed One Fifth Avenue, The New Yorker Hotel, the Master Apartments on Riverside Drive and 25 East 86th Street.

The 15-story building, which has 86 apartments, has a three-story, rusticated limestone base and, in keeping with its name, a white-brick facade. The lower half of the first story is faced with granite and the building has some topiary landscaping along its Central Park West frontage. The building, which has protruding air-conditioners and a cornice, also has very attractive wrought-iron doors along the sidestreet, some ornamental balconies and an attractive lobby.

There is excellent cross-town bus service at the 86th Street corner as well as a subway station.

The top of the building

The top of the building as seen from the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The building, which has a concierge and doorman, overlooks the southern end of the Central Park reservoir and is close to the great lawn in the park. There are many attractive sidewalk cafes nearby on Columbus Avenue at 85th Street.

The building has a handsome, tall enclosed watertank, as shown in the above picture. The building has excellent park views and a few ornamental balconies. It has an attractive lobby but no health club and no roof deck.

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