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80 Central Park West

Northwest corner at 68th Street

80 Central Park West

Building, center, has more balconies than any other building on Central Park West

By Carter B. Horsley

No building on Central Park West has more balconies fronting on Central Park than this 25-story tower, the second-tallest post-World War II residential tower on the avenue.

Designed by architects Paul Resnick and Harry F. Green, it was built in 1967 and converted to a luxury co-op in 1979.  It has 173 apartments.

The balconies are clearly the main attraction in this beige-brick building that bears little trace of the fabulous architectural heritage of Central Park West's great residential towers. The south corner balconies wrap around the corner to take maximum advantage of the spectacular views and these apartments are extremely desirable. It is directly across 68th Street from the Second Church of Christ, Scientist, a green-domed low-rise religious structure that affords this building improved views.

80 Central Park West

Its location, close to Lincoln Center and the park transverse roads, is hard to beat, however, and it has a large and attractive lobby.

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