The Sofia

43 West 61st Street, 43 Columbus Avenue

Southeast corner at Columbus Avenue

Block 1114 Lot 7501

Detail of Columbus Avenue frontage

Detail of Columbus Avenue base

By Carter B. Horsley

A former garage building that was converted into a warehouse in 1943, this handsome orange, and black brick and cream and royal blue terra-cotta Art Deco building was converted into a residential condominium in 1985 by Aaron Green and British Land of America.

The conversion, which was designed by Alan Lapidus and Rothzeid, Kaiserman, Thompson & Bee, created 93 apartments on 27 floors. The building was erected in 1930 as the Kent Automatic Parking Garage building, designed by Jardine, Hill & Murdock.

Sofia is building at the right

Sofia is the building at the right

True to its heritage, the building offers residents storage space, always an important concern and amenity, as well as a bicycle room and a driveway, but no garage.

Building entrance

Building entrance

With its solid construction, high ceilings and very desirable location, this conversion was achieved nicely without unnecessary flourishes, letting the quite powerful massing and setback detailing of the original building stand on their own.

The building was declared an official city landmark in 1983. It has high ceilings and sidewalk landscaping, but no health club.

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