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The Peter Stuyvesant

258 Riverside Drive

Southwest corner at 98th Street

258 Riverside Drve

258 Riverside Drive

By Carter B. Horsley

The Peter Stuyvesant apartment building at 258 Riverside Drive on the southeast corner at 98th Street is one of the best buildings on Riverside Drive, and in the city, because of its fabulous arched windows on the top floor that are outlined in deep, vibrant blue glazed terracotta.

Erected in 1912 and converted to a cooperative in 1988, this 13-story building has 51 apartments.

It was designed by William Rouse.

258 Riverside Drive top

Top of building

One of the most handsome pre-war apartment buildings on Riverside Drive, it has a magnificent entrance and very spectacular and decorative top.

The elegant building has a four-story, rusticated limestone base and one of the most handsome cast-iron entries in the city.and some sidewalk landscaping.  The entrance is two-steps-up and is flanked by globular scones and a very handsome entrance surround and arched pediment.

Window surrounds on the second and third floors have quoins.

The fašade along Riverside Drive has a slight curve and the building, which has consistent fenestration, permits protruding air-conditioners.

The building has a handsome low-fence with bollards.



A vestibule leads into the lobby, which is quite deep.

The third and top floor windows are arched and the building has fine views of the Hudson River and Riverside Park.

Good public transportation is nearby at 96th Street and Broadway.

Early brochure showed cornice

Early brochure showed large cornice

The building is missing its original large and ornate balconies on the 6th, 8th and 11th floors.



The building has a doorman, a roof deck, a laundry and a bicycle room, but no roof deck and no garage.  It is pet-friendly.

Apartment 12A is a two-bedroom unit with an 11-foot-long entrance gallery that opens onto a 30-foot-long living room/library with a fireplace and down a 38-foot-long hall to a 16-foot-wide windowed dining room nest to an 18-foot-long, enclosed kitchen and a 13-foot-long maid’s room.

Apartment 5D is a two-bedroom unit with a 14-foot-long entry foyer that opens onto a 25-foot-long living room/library with a fireplace and a 23-foot-long dining with a curved end with three windows next to an enclosed, windowed, 16-foot-long kitchen.

Apartment 1A is a two-bedroom unit with an 11-foot-long entry foyer that opens onto a 30-foot-long living room/library with a decorative fireplace and down a long hall to a 16-foot-long dining room with  a bay window next to a 17-foot-long, enclosed, eat-in, windowed kitchen and a 12-foot-long, windowed office.

Apartment 11B is a three-bedroom unit with a 21-foot-long living room that leads down a hall to a 28-foot-long dining room and a 15-foot-wide kitchen.

Apartment 12B is a two-bedroom unit with an 11-foot-wide entrance gallery that leads in one direction to a 25-foot-long living room and in the other to a 16-foot-long dining room, 9-foot-long maid’s room and a 15-foot-wide kitchen.

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